This is the Best Beginner’s Fitness program available for Baby Boomers today!

newproductspic Beg fitness bndlYou get all this:

  • “Get Ready For Pilates” DVD and eBook - This 60 minute program is a step by step approach, designed for those of you brand new to exercising, making it easy for anyone to begin an exercise program! I have included a series of lower back strengthening and modified Pilates exercises, complete with demonstrations and modifications; everything is described and shown in the book, and then demonstrated on the disc, so anyone can do these exercises. Yes, even you! You’ll build lean muscle quickly with my leg exercises; and lean muscle burns 12 times more calories than fat! Then you can smile as your friends tell you how great you look, and ask you what you’ve been doing! If you think you can't do Pilates – I say “Oh, yes you can!” and this is the program for you! This is not your daughter’s Pilates – it’s Baby Boomer’s “getting ready” for Pilates! 
  •  “Get Off the Couch Potato” My powerful, yet easy, 30-day fitness plan - perfect for over-worked parents, television-addicted teens, out of shape Boomers, and more. Think you have no time to “fit” fitness into your jam packed schedule? This book is the “How to guide” to sneaking fitness into your busy day, all day! Destined to be a classic, this little book will make you laugh, while providing you lots of tips and tools to take charge of your own health today - regardless of what Congress does!
  • “Get Rid Of Sciatica!” This is my three exercise program to help keep piriformis syndrome or sciatic nerve pain from interfering with your new exercise program. Many Baby Boomers worry about sciatica, or injuring their back when they start a fitness program. Adding these three exercises to your regular program will help keep that back pain or sciatica away for good; one less thing to worry about when starting your new program! Best of all, these exercises work for any leg or low back pain. They open your hip joints, making you more flexible, helping to prevent arthritis and osteoporosis, and enabling you to enjoy your life even more. Kathi demonstrates several different ways to do these exercises so that everyone can do them, no excuses!
  • My four Favorite Guided Relaxation sessions will relax your body and revitalize your spirit!Whether you have 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 20 or 30, this mp3 download has just what you need! In today's busy, busy world, we often don't allow ourselves a much needed "relaxation break". Stress causes shallow breathing, leaving our organs and glands starving for oxygen. So lie down, put a pillow under your knees, your Silk Eyebag on your eyes, breathe deeply, and let Kathi take you away and rejuvenate every part of your body!
  • A Silk Eyebag is included for your relaxation pleasure. Surround yourself with the luxurious scent of lavender! Realize the powerful effects of aromatherapy and acupressure therapy at the same time! The gentle weight of the bag helps to reduce worry wrinkles and soothe tired eyes. Scented with Lavender, it's perfect for headaches - calming the mind, body, and spirit. Use the eyebag to really enhance your deep relaxation or meditation, making it an even more healing and rejuvenating, some would even say decadent, experience!

Separately, these items would be $45.00. Now, this bundle of 2 DVDs, 4 audio downloads, print book, eBook, and Silk Eyebag – the Complete Newbie Exercise and Relaxation Program - is only $35.97! Don’t wait, get fit AND feel rested today!